Fashionable New York

by Chéri Marie

So lately the weather in New York has been so beautiful! It’s definitely springtime! A few days ago I had the chance to walk around in the beautiful sunshine and I took some photos that I would love to share with you all. The great thing about NY is that it is such a fashionable, international city. I love to put on a beautiful outfit and enjoy everything it has to offer! There are so many places to shop here and if you look for some key pieces for your wardrobe and a few different stores, you can have an outfit that will last a lifetime and still not burn a hole through your wallet…you just have to be a smart shopper and of course, take advantage of what New York City has to offer 🙂

The flagship Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue is always so beautiful! I put this collage to show the current window dressings and what the building is looking like today:) I am SO in love with their Spring/Summer 2012 collection! The beautiful fitted dresses and feminine ensembles are so classic. Pieces like this never go out of style.

Now the name would suggest otherwise, but the clothes inside Cheap Jacks are anything but cheap haha! This is such a hidden gem off 5th Avenue. It is located on 303 5th Avenue at the corner of 31st Street.  I never realized how many less than stellar reviews this place gets online, but I think its worth going in! Sometimes you can find some beautiful vintage dresses that are one-of-a-kind! You have to hunt a little for it and keep your eyes peeled but some amazing finds can be found 🙂

And what would a post be without mentioning a Chanel store in NYC?! I’m loving their latest collection too and the window dressings are always fun to share:) This location (1 of 3 in the city) is probably the best I think!

Chanel Boutique  15 E. 57th Street at 5th Avenue

I was also at a fashion show the other day showcasing highlights from NY Fashion Week. It was presented by Stila Cosmetics and it was beautiful! You will notice that there is a recurring theme in fashion each season–true style never changes. We can update it and tweak it a little here and there, but beautiful tailored pieces that are feminine are always around! Here are some pieces that I thought were pretty because of the metallic hues. This is to give inspiration! Just add a handbag or scarf from my boutique (wink, wink;) and you are ready to take on the world! 🙂

This includes the latest collection from Dior (I LOVE Dior!!) which is just stunning!

And lastly, a shot while I was walking in Central Park enjoying this weather:)