Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis–German Style

by Chéri Marie

So each month I look forward to the TNT section of Vogue Magazine written by Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis! She is just so awesome as a person and her talents are even longer than her name (fashionista, stylist, blogger, Princess!, philanthropist, etc… 😉

I’d like to share her wisdom from the US Vogue April 2012 edition (pages 150 & 152)…

She talked about modern traveling and she gave some great tips to make it easier for all of us. To quote her:

“Being comfortable doesn’t have to mean looking sloppy. I certainly don’t travel in stilettos and Alexander McQueen but loathe looking too disheveled, so instead I might wear a pair of stretchy leather J Brand leggings, a crisp shirt, a big cashmere sweater, and a cozy scarf or a bit of fur”

Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis

I really liked her philosophy because I’ve noticed all too often how more and more people don’t take the time to take care of themselves when traveling. It really matters and it is respect for those around you who would rather not smell you or see more of you than they’d like to (or see you in your favorite PJs although I admit they look comfy;) Traveling can still look great and be comfortable ! Here are a few products that she mentions in her article:

A nice wheely bag/luggage to make things easier to carry(TIP: put your purse in there too and make it an all-in-one)

Avoid complicated shoes that take forever to take off/put on through security–opt for easy flat boots so you can still protect your feet

Body Deli’s cucumber gel

Sisley Creme Reparatrice to quench thirsty skin (I also love Clinique Moisture Surge!)

Evian facial spray (I love this!)

Boiron homeopathic tablets to ease jet-lag

I would also recommend the Eyedews for your eyes as a treatment on or after a very long flight! She also mentioned flip-flops to be a big no-no! I’ve done this before and I tend to agree…your feet can get dirty and no one really wants to see or smell that on a cramped airplane! It can be unsightly even with a great pedicure so I always pack a pair in my travel bag to change shoes when I can because I love my sandals:)


I LOVE to travel…here’s to happy and safe travels for all of us;)

…Remember to catch her column each month in Vogue and show your support:)