Letters to Juliet

by Chéri Marie

With this beautiful springtime weather and the feeling of summer coming, this movie comes to mind. It’s one of my many favorite films (let me tell you, I love films!) and it gives you such a wonderful summer feeling! “Letters to Juliet” has the casual yet pretty fashion that evokes this weather…it makes me want to put on a sundress and frolic in a vineyard haha;)

It’s really easy to get this look and it’s perfect for this time of year!

I love this Polyvore set! Here is the link and the credit for it: http://www.polyvore.com/letters_to_juliet/set?id=18450038

To get this look you need:

A  beautiful summer sundress in a spring/summer color (pastels are in this season!)

Cute sandals or for a less-casual look, opt for some cute heels

Accessories should be kept to a minimum at limit it to 1-2 great pieces like some beautiful earrings or a fashionable cuff/bracelet

Hair down naturally in some beachy waves or opt for a beautiful braid (braids are in this season too!)

Makeup should be natural but to accentuate the look, play up your eyes with natural colored eyeshadow (browns are great for everyone) and pink lips. Mascara is always a must:)  I think some rouge on the cheeks in a pink or peachy color completes the look.

~~~~~~~~~                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I LOVE H&M and TopShop and they definitely have some pretty dresses right now for this look!

This is from the TopShop in Soho New York. They have some beautiful pieces right now!

I also found this beautiful peach dress with great details at H&M in NYC!  I’m loving this one!

So yes indeed it’s easy to get the look from “Letters From Juliet” and you too will want to frolic in a vineyard;)