True Beauty is in Giving Back

by Chéri Marie

You know the saying “The more you give, the more you receive” ? Well, its true:) There’s nothing like the feeling of helping others and the joy you receive is the light of life. It’s what humanity is all about! There’s no reason for anyone to be rude or snobby–it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you do, or what you have. We are all here together and at the end of the day, we all need and crave the simplest  joys in life, like love.  When you do good things and have a genuine smile on your face, it will make you even more beautiful! True beauty comes from within. Someone once told me that every outfit and beauty product works best when you have a smile on your face. How true:)

So this first post I’d like to dedicate to a dear friend of mine who shared an inspiring story with me on a flight once. He and his wife adopted a beautiful little girl from Russia and the story of it all touched me very deeply. I cried. I have a huge heart for children and orphanages in particular–it comes from a family story of mine that perhaps I’ll share another time. In any event, its very personal to me.

I want you all to know that with the launch of my company, I will choose (you can help!) different charitable organizations and a portion of the proceeds of my sales will be donated to a particular charity throughout the course of the year. Of course, I’ll keep you posted:)

The first charities listed below that I’d like to highlight are in honor of my friend and his beautiful family.

Please consider these charities that help these children. They are just waiting for us…