Texas Music Water

by Chéri Marie

When I go to Texas soon for a modeling shoot, I know what water I’ll be drinking….Texas Music Water! I’d like to highlight this charity because I LOVE music and actually know the people behind this organization…its legit and they are truly dedicated to supporting “the continuation of inspiring music and the musicians that create it”.

Based in Austin, Texas (MAJOR music hub), they really have a heart for children and supporting their musical dreams. I love that they give instruments to children, support music programs and support struggling artists. They do so much and you can read more on their website:   www.texasmusicwater.com

I’m hoping that soon they can expand their organization to reach musicians everywhere…but let’s help out in any way we can. We need to drink water anyways so why not drink amazing tasting water and help out kids? 🙂

My severe lack of musical instrument talent could send anyone running haha, but there are those out there who are blessed with musical gifts…let’s give them a chance.

Find them on Facebook or visit their website www.texasmusicwater.com