Fashion Friday 8/10/12

by Chéri Marie

How is everyone? I thought that this Fashion Friday should show the black leather trend that is perfect for right now, wherever you may be! This is a great trend to cross over into colder weather too…

In Los Angeles, Selena Gomez shows how leather can be used just before the weather turns…

Whether it’s a short black leather jacket, boots, or both, you can be spot on for this trend…

Brigitte Bardot shows us today that some things never go out of style!

Angelina Jolie gives the look that black leather can be both classy and sexy!

And I love the Stradivarius Collection!

You can never go wrong with black leather boots..just find the style that best suits you!

I just want to thank everyone who is following my blog from around the world! I am truly humbled and you are all so inspiring…    Thank you 🙂