Fashion Friday 10/12/12

by Chéri Marie

Happy Friday everyone!!

I’ve been shooting in Ohio and traveling around the American Mid West for work lately and so this post is an inspiration from the beauty of this Fall season there…

Beautiful leaves are changing right now…

Inspiration truly comes from the beauty of God’s creation. With the beauty of this season, it’s no wonder that the hottest color on trend now is yellow!

Mustard, Fall yellow that is 😉

Here is some fashion inspiration for all of you:

Normally this isn’t my favorite color, but I have to admit that it’s definitely growing on me!

For the first time this week, I had to get my coat, tights and boots out but it’s a little exciting because I love this time of year…coffee shops, books, fireplaces, snuggling…yay for Fall!!

This is a great outfit…just don’t forget your opaque tights to complete the look!

Have a beautiful weekend~