Beauty Spot: Revlon

by Chéri Marie

Bonjour everyone!
So with everything being so busy lately, I still managed to squeeze in walking on the red carpet at a recent film festival…how could I not? 😉

However, with the rush of working/traveling/living these past weeks, I managed to forget one of the most important essentials when walking down the red carpet and having your photo taken. Ugh. My powder. Hello shiny face! Ugh.

Not to fear, the problem was easily solved by my beautiful, dear friend Sammi in the form of her…

Revlon Age-Defying with DNA Advantage foundation compact. Yay! It seriously saved my night!

Now, I mention this to all of you for several amazing reasons. One being that it saved my night and looked absolutely beautiful on! Two, it shows you that friends are really good things 😉 And three, it turns out that this makeup is not horrendously expensive. Let me tell you, I love a great deal when I can find one! Amazing! Its also easy to purchase at your local store or online (for all of my international friends!).

It blends really easily and gives a beautiful flawless finish. It made my skin look smooth and pressed without being too matte and/or too shiny. Just perfect.

I’d be interested to learn if any of you have tried this product and what your thoughts are…I then also remembered that this product was featured in Vogue magazine a few issues back. It was talked about as being an amazing foundation! Hmmm…I then did some research and found that Revlon Age-Defying Spa Face Foundation and their Illuminator is another great favorite that works!

In the meantime, it may be worth trying if you’re looking for a new foundation/concealer/powder. Or, if you also find yourself in a beauty bind 🙂