‘Tis The Season For…Red!

by Chéri Marie

Hello everyone! I hope all of my Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Now begins the time before Christmas…my most favorite holiday of the year 🙂

It’s one of the few times of the year that I wear the color red. I just love this season…the parties, cute jackets, holiday dresses, holiday desserts, giving gifts, family, friends, fireplaces! Wearing some red just puts you in that wonderful holiday mood where shopping and hot cocoa is the order of the day! I also love to break out my red lipstick 😉

Leave it to the ever-classy Taylor Swift to show how to wear red right!

Wearing French Connection Fast Iris Lace Dress ($198)

Even Barbie is in on it!  The Holiday 2012 Barbie Collection

Elie Saab Resort Collection 2012

Red statement coat from Victoria’s Secret. Notice the gold button detail? Gold and black pair really well with red…

Of course, red plaid is always beautiful! Considering I wore plaid uniforms for most of my life, this is ingrained in me 😉

The Duchess is spot on with this ensemble!

You can always add a warm plaid scarf to spice up an outfit too…

Red is known as the “power color”. Indeed, it can be tough to pull off this shade. It’s not for the faint of heart because you will definitely stand out! However, with this shade, you can still be classy and modestly beautiful while being a siren 😉

Here are some tips on wearing this beautiful color:

  •  Women with light blonde hair and pale blue, gray or green eyes should stick with pale reds with a blue undertone. Any orangey shades should be avoided though.
  • Ladies with dark brown or black hair, dark eyes and olive or dark complexion will look terrific wearing dark and strong reds with a blue undertone. No orangey tones will work though.
  • Redhead women with eyes of any color and golden skin tone should opt for orangey reds and stay away from blue-based reds.
  • Ash blond and grey-haired ladies will look their best in purple-reds and blue-based red tones. Orangey shades are not for you though.
  • Women with dark brown or black hair and blue, green or grey eyes can wear the brightest red and look great.
  • Those with dark blonde or brown hair and soft-colored eyes will look amazing wearing soft and muted reds

How To Wear Red

  • Red and white as well as red and black look gorgeous but by wearing it you will not surprise anybody as these combinations are the most common. However, you can mix all the three and look chic.
  • To create interesting looks play with different red tones. Combine tomato red with hot fuchsia, pale red with deep violet, coral with light rosy, etc.
  • Try making bolder combinations like red and blue, red and beige, experiment with green shadows.
  • Red printed pieces also look wonderful. Besides, they aren’t as aggressive and attention-grabbing. Try a red polka dot blouse or a sexy floral-printed skirt to play it safe.
  • If you are not ready for a daring red outfit add a red accessory as an accent. A bright scarf, a pair shoes or a lovely clutch will be enough. You can even try a bright red lipstick to brighten up your look.

Where To Wear Red

Red is a beautiful color but you cannot wear it everywhere. It is perfect for a date (not the first one though!), a walk with your friends, an occasion, but be careful when wearing it to work. Play it safe by donning a red scarf, for example, if you feel your office look is too boring. A red pencil skirt or a blazer will look fantastic too, but make sure it is in a deep tone and everything else is subdued.

As we have mentioned in the beginning of our article, red is a complicated color but it gives the wearer a certain feeling of freedom, confidence and sex appeal one simply can’t get from another hue. So, if you are willing to try it we wish you good luck!

Thanks to www.millionlooks.com for these amazing style tips!