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Month: December, 2012

Fashion Friday 12/28/12

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season….and getting ready for New Year’s Eve! Yay!

So for this Fashion Friday, I am going to post a simple tip that can help you look better every day–not just for the parties you may have coming up, but for each day to look your best too!

Ready for it? Your POSTURE. Let me say it again. STANDING UP STRAIGHT.

Yes, it’s that simple. The way you stand, the way you carry yourself, reflects how you look and can make or break whatever you may be wearing. Chanel is not going to do anything for you if you cannot even stand up straight. Did you ever hear your parents’ telling you to “sit up straight” when you were young? Well, they were right. And one of the first things I learned in finishing school years ago was that properly standing up, sitting down, and walking is one of the first steps to looking and feeling good. It’s true!

Awesome example:


It makes you look thinner and gives the appearance of confidence which in turn, makes you feel more confident!

Some tips:

1) Make a conscious effort to put your shoulders back, tummy in , and butt in.

2) The more you make yourself remember, the more you will automatically do this.

When you have good posture, your clothes fit better and you are more attractive…

Bad posture:


Good posture:

Bar Rafaeli is gorgeous but she wouldn’t look as amazing if she weren’t standing like this with confidence!


A Great Guide:


Now this also includes the gentlemen out there 😉

If you really want to impress, don’t slouch. There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who stands up straight and walks confidently (even if you don’t feel the confidence, it will come;) It just looks more attractive and manly!

Bad Posture:

Now I didn’t want to be mean so it was hard to choose here, but we all love Rob and so I thought it was okay to show how he frequently slouches on the red carpet…don’t worry Robert, you are still hot, just stand up straight sweetie!


Good Posture:

Okay, okay, so I’m showing David Gandy…but you have to admit, he has perfected the perfect posture and stance even when he’s just walking down the street. Guys can do well to learn from him and his fashion sense because he knows that good posture + good suit = Hot   🙂



Don’t worry, I’m guilty too 🙂 So as we all get ready for NYE and a new year, let’s make a collective effort to throw those shoulders back, chin up, smile, and walk confidently into a stylish 2013 😉



Merry Christmas 2012!

No matter where you are in the world, who you are, what you do,  or what you believe, I want to

wish you all a very merry, blessed Christmas!!

Thank you for being a part of my life and

Thank you for reading my blog!



Many blessings to you all


Fashion Friday 12/21/12

Greetings to you all on this special Friday!

Of course, there are loads of things for me to write about during this busy season! However, I’ve decided to make this Fashion Friday a highlight of the lovely Minnie Driver. I just had the pleasure of meeting her and working with her this week and she was nothing short of gracious, kind, and sweet all wrapped up in her charming English accent. Very, very nice and a pleasure to work with! I’m an even bigger fan of hers now!

Here she is at the Royal World Premiere of “Skyfall” at the Royal Albert Hall on 10/23/12 in London.


I thought this look was beautiful! Plus, it is very appropriate to highlight today because it may give you some fashion inspiration as we near Christmas. This is a great look for those holiday parties!


She shows how gold and red can really compliment each other in a fashion ensemble!

And the best fashion accessory? Just smile 🙂


Hope you are all doing well!


Source: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images Europe)

Gold on the Red Carpet

Hello everyone!

How are you? Hope everyone is fabulous this week! Well, by popular demand 😉 , I am going to post one of my recent red carpet looks…I also don’t mind sharing my tips to help you look fabulous this holiday season. Take this look from the red carpet to your holiday gatherings!

Gold is in! Here I am wearing Ralph Lauren‘s white gold one-shoulder gown paired with gold satin pumps by Nina


I accessorized with mixed gold and silver bracelets…a good tip is to put together some bracelets and wear them at the same time to give a fresh look. Sometimes mixing and matching jewelry gives a vogue look!


For hair and makeup, I kept it light and natural. My trick is always to use several coats of mascara. It’s all about the eyes! Hot rollers were used for my hair to give soft waves. If you use the big hot rollers and leave them on for a good 10 minutes, your hair has a beautiful, bouncy curl that lasts for hours! Staying natural is the most sexy 😉


You can recreate your own variation of this look and still stay within your budget! Just keep things simple and defined. However, give gold a try…    Gold is a great color this season no matter what your skin tone is!

Stay beautiful!

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On a double side note…..check out the film “Silver Case” by Christian Filippella !

December 13th…

Hey everyone!

For many people, today is the ominous #13 (hey, it’s a special number, not a bad one!:), the special festivities for the feast of Saint Lucia, just another Thursday, or 12 more days until Christmas……..but for me, today is also my BIRTHDAY ! Yay!!


Life is a beautiful gift. I have so much to be thankful for, but on this day, I thank God just to be here. I’m so blessed to have everyone in my life from my past, the present, and hopefully in many future birthdays to come. Today is the day to remember that life is a blessing. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and thank you all for being in my life.




And as for me, I plan on smiling a lot today! 😉

December Design Inspiration

Hello everyone! For many of us, it’s winter-time during Christmas; but I know there are many of you too who celebrate this season during your summertime! Whether it’s cold or warm where you are, my friends, this is such a beautiful time to decorate (and be inspired for those holiday outfits 😉


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Christmas_Decorations ralph lauren

VT Interiors, An Aussie Christmas!

via la la linen blog 3

Best Home Decorators / Fireplaces


Dior for Printemps Paris Christmas 2012



Don’t forget the red lipstick 😉


Trend Report: The Cap Toe Heel




I’m loving this trend right now! The cap toe heel/pump is such a beautiful asset to any outfit! Adding this piece to your ensemble, especially if it is metallic, puts your outfit up a notch 😉

Christian Louboutin Duvette pumps
Victoria’s Secret Cap Toe Heels with a twist!

We saw this style last season but its clearly still strong for Winter! Plus, its been strong on the runways.  It makes a lovely look and can update any outfit you want to wear again and again…


Dress of the Day

Who else thinks that Nicole Scherzinger looked absolutely amazing on the UK X-Factor this weekend ??

This is really too fashion-worthy not to post 🙂


She is wearing an Abed Mahfouz dress with Stephen Webster jewellery and Carvela shoes


See how she holds herself? Beautiful!!!


Stay beautiful xoxo