Gold on the Red Carpet

by Chéri Marie

Hello everyone!

How are you? Hope everyone is fabulous this week! Well, by popular demand 😉 , I am going to post one of my recent red carpet looks…I also don’t mind sharing my tips to help you look fabulous this holiday season. Take this look from the red carpet to your holiday gatherings!

Gold is in! Here I am wearing Ralph Lauren‘s white gold one-shoulder gown paired with gold satin pumps by Nina


I accessorized with mixed gold and silver bracelets…a good tip is to put together some bracelets and wear them at the same time to give a fresh look. Sometimes mixing and matching jewelry gives a vogue look!


For hair and makeup, I kept it light and natural. My trick is always to use several coats of mascara. It’s all about the eyes! Hot rollers were used for my hair to give soft waves. If you use the big hot rollers and leave them on for a good 10 minutes, your hair has a beautiful, bouncy curl that lasts for hours! Staying natural is the most sexy 😉


You can recreate your own variation of this look and still stay within your budget! Just keep things simple and defined. However, give gold a try…    Gold is a great color this season no matter what your skin tone is!

Stay beautiful!

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On a double side note…..check out the film “Silver Case” by Christian Filippella !