Fashion Friday 12/28/12

by Chéri Marie

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season….and getting ready for New Year’s Eve! Yay!

So for this Fashion Friday, I am going to post a simple tip that can help you look better every day–not just for the parties you may have coming up, but for each day to look your best too!

Ready for it? Your POSTURE. Let me say it again. STANDING UP STRAIGHT.

Yes, it’s that simple. The way you stand, the way you carry yourself, reflects how you look and can make or break whatever you may be wearing. Chanel is not going to do anything for you if you cannot even stand up straight. Did you ever hear your parents’ telling you to “sit up straight” when you were young? Well, they were right. And one of the first things I learned in finishing school years ago was that properly standing up, sitting down, and walking is one of the first steps to looking and feeling good. It’s true!

Awesome example:


It makes you look thinner and gives the appearance of confidence which in turn, makes you feel more confident!

Some tips:

1) Make a conscious effort to put your shoulders back, tummy in , and butt in.

2) The more you make yourself remember, the more you will automatically do this.

When you have good posture, your clothes fit better and you are more attractive…

Bad posture:


Good posture:

Bar Rafaeli is gorgeous but she wouldn’t look as amazing if she weren’t standing like this with confidence!


A Great Guide:


Now this also includes the gentlemen out there 😉

If you really want to impress, don’t slouch. There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who stands up straight and walks confidently (even if you don’t feel the confidence, it will come;) It just looks more attractive and manly!

Bad Posture:

Now I didn’t want to be mean so it was hard to choose here, but we all love Rob and so I thought it was okay to show how he frequently slouches on the red carpet…don’t worry Robert, you are still hot, just stand up straight sweetie!


Good Posture:

Okay, okay, so I’m showing David Gandy…but you have to admit, he has perfected the perfect posture and stance even when he’s just walking down the street. Guys can do well to learn from him and his fashion sense because he knows that good posture + good suit = Hot   🙂



Don’t worry, I’m guilty too 🙂 So as we all get ready for NYE and a new year, let’s make a collective effort to throw those shoulders back, chin up, smile, and walk confidently into a stylish 2013 😉