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Month: March, 2013

Hollywood in the Pink

This week, even the stars are feeling that Spring is here!

Russian actress Olga Kurylenko has been on tour with Tom Cruise recently to promote his new science fiction film “Oblivion” . They have been making the rounds in South America now but it was in Argentina that Olga won fashion hearts like mine with this pink ensemble….

olga1Notice how wearing the nude strappy heels elongates her legs? Perfect for Spring/Summer!

olga2It’s a great dress with some vintage flair updated with some charming new accents like the drape on the side….and the glasses are kinda cool too 🙂

Now if you’d like something similar, go with a shift dress that isn’t quite so low cut and flatters in all the right places…

I love this Hani Shift Dress in pink $38 at

hanishiftdressI also love this Basler shift dress for £ 175  at


If you want to stay away from the pink, go with something like this adorable light green shift dress by Dorothy Perkins…something like this is very flattering because it conceals where it should, gives you a waist, and is still feminine and current…


The bottom line is, when in doubt, wear a shift dress haha 🙂

Perfect for Easter, by the way!!



Hydrangeas for Spring

So although the official start of Spring was last week, I know many of you are suffering from, ahem, snow and blistery cold weather 😦 Not to fear though! Spring is here and what better way to celebrate (or prepare!) than to surround yourself with some beautiful flowers known as Hydrangeas . I just love these flowers and you can find some everywhere whether they are in your garden or the local corner store (I checked and they are even in grocery stores in NYC now:)….

They come in many colors and are generally cheaper than roses….they also make such a great flower for decorating!


They make me so happy just looking at them!

Wherever you may be right now, you can put some in a vase and place them in your room, the kitchen, dining room, foyer, your office….really anywhere to make everything look and feel a  little more beautiful!

DSC_0014MBQwhthyd_pgr07_lAnd I just LOVE this idea for using hydrangeas for weddings–they look fabulous but still stay within budget!!

Thank you to Brilliant Event Planning in NYC for these photos!

Hydrangea-Runnerhydrangea-runner-ideaSo go get some hydrangeas and celebrate Spring! 🙂

They are even in a Tory Burch store!

tory burch store 2xoxo

Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Design Inspiration for March 2013

Hello lovely readers!

I wanted to share with you some tips on how to make the most of a small living space, especially in the city…

#1 Make most of your furniture do double-duty (and you don’t need much furniture!)

Square Floor Lamp with Paper Shade and Shelves (Target for $49 / Adesso for $127)

*This gives you a beautiful lamp but also with space for books, etc.


Another option: Triple Shelf Floor Lamp

This piece could also do double-duty as a side table to a sofa….


#2 Use monochromatic color schemes to make small living spaces seem bigger. The less colors you use for decorating, the better! And remember, white makes everything seem more spacious!

Great visual from 55 Downing Street:


#3 Make use of natural light and mirrors. (Kind of like a “smoke and mirrors” trick;) )

*Floor length mirrors set against a wall are great because they can hide any wall imperfections and/or you don’t have to damage your small space with nails and hooks.

11955B0305C41-D4B3-48C3-AD7A-E10CF00C402E61*Clean your windows and let as much natural light come in as possible! If possible, angle your mirror to catch that light and diffuse it into a room. It will make all the difference!


#4 A must-have storage piece for a small living space is a storage ottoman!

Ottomans can be great for storing anything throughout your living space. They can also be used as foot rests, benches, drink trays/coffee tables, etc.


So with just a few of these tips, you can make any small living space in NYC or wherever you are, seem bigger and look better! It just takes a few tricks to do the job and it doesn’t have to be expensive either 😉

I love it!



Glamorous Cosmetics!

Hello everyone!

So I was working in Chicago the other day (a shout-out to all Chi-Town natives!) and I had the chance to run into a great friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in years….he’s Peter Georgotas , the CEO of Glamorous Cosmetics! It was so awesome to see him after so long and to know that his line is still going strong! I used to wear this awesome pink lipstick from their line and they still offer it! Needless to say, it was so much fun seeing him, his team, and this wonderful beauty line from Greece again….I love their stuff because ….” it is produced in-house in accordance to the highest standards and regulations of the European Cosmetics Directive and is animal friendly”. Couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

Here are some pieces that I love!

glamorouscosmetics1From top to bottom:

1. Black liquid eyeliner

2.Eye shadow creamy stick in No. 4

3.Double eye shadow set in No. 3

4.Lip gloss in No. 04

5.Concealer with applicator in No. 01 Light

6.Soft eye pencil in No. 02 Black

Check out their website:

In Hollywood last night, I walked the red carpet for one of my films and guess what I wore? The Glamorous Cosmetics lip gloss in No. 04 as seen above…. I loved it! I was going for a colorful look and it worked out perfectly!


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


Fashion Friday 3/22/13

Hello my lovely readers!!!!

My apologies for being tardy on my blog…..the great news is that it is because I’ve been traveling for wonderful reasons! Isn’t life awesome?! But don’t worry, I will be getting back to my regular posting schedule soon and will have a lot of things to share with you about the fashion and beauty scene wherever I may be…..I’ve discovered some beautiful things to share with all of you since I’ve been away traveling and filming! Of course, I also have some awesome design tips and trends on the way too…

So I just jetted back to LA from NYC and I’m loving the Spring/Summer 2013 trend of BLACK & WHITE 🙂 It looks beautiful on everyone and is a great transition from winter into sunshine and warmer weather!!


Don’t go too overboard though with prints….try to stay sleek and chic!

SS 2013 Black White Trend Teaser

Screen_shot_2013-01-09_at_5.11.26_PM_largeTry to keep it simple!


If you don’t what to jump right onto the trend bandwagon, then try to ease into Spring/Summer with a pretty white clutch or purse… can never go wrong with Chanel 😉

chanel bag

This fashion trend reminds me of a room decked out in black and white tiles 🙂 ….just some design inspiration for thought 😉


I hope you all have a beautiful Friday wherever you may be…..stay tuned….