Big Ideas for Small Spaces

by Chéri Marie

Design Inspiration for March 2013

Hello lovely readers!

I wanted to share with you some tips on how to make the most of a small living space, especially in the city…

#1 Make most of your furniture do double-duty (and you don’t need much furniture!)

Square Floor Lamp with Paper Shade and Shelves (Target for $49 / Adesso for $127)

*This gives you a beautiful lamp but also with space for books, etc.


Another option: Triple Shelf Floor Lamp

This piece could also do double-duty as a side table to a sofa….


#2 Use monochromatic color schemes to make small living spaces seem bigger. The less colors you use for decorating, the better! And remember, white makes everything seem more spacious!

Great visual from 55 Downing Street:


#3 Make use of natural light and mirrors. (Kind of like a “smoke and mirrors” trick;) )

*Floor length mirrors set against a wall are great because they can hide any wall imperfections and/or you don’t have to damage your small space with nails and hooks.

11955B0305C41-D4B3-48C3-AD7A-E10CF00C402E61*Clean your windows and let as much natural light come in as possible! If possible, angle your mirror to catch that light and diffuse it into a room. It will make all the difference!


#4 A must-have storage piece for a small living space is a storage ottoman!

Ottomans can be great for storing anything throughout your living space. They can also be used as foot rests, benches, drink trays/coffee tables, etc.


So with just a few of these tips, you can make any small living space in NYC or wherever you are, seem bigger and look better! It just takes a few tricks to do the job and it doesn’t have to be expensive either 😉

I love it!