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Month: April, 2013

Concert Wear

Hello my beautiful readers!

The other day I saw an awesome live concert performance by the Parlotones at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. They were amazing! ….which brings me to the question: “What do you wear to a concert?”

Depending on the venue and type of music, your outfit will vary so let’s refer to an amazing rock concert!

I wore a nice black two toned jacket, black top underneath, black pants/leggings, and some leather boots with a small heel…


*Disclaimer: All of these cups are not mine haha (everyone knows I rarely ever drink lol;)

The key is comfort yet still beautiful with that rocker edge flair. My one staple for this kind of outfit is a great pair of boots!


The Parlotones


Every season is concert season (I love music!) so you can wear hot boots in any kind of weather….since the Coachella Music Festival just came to a close, it’s worth mentioning some great style inspiration! And the Stagecoach Music Festival will be underway this weekend too!



So throw on some boots, great lipstick, and rock out to a great concert….summer is officially coming! Yay!



1Year Anniversary

Hello everyone!

Last week marked my blog’s 1 year anniversary…and I owe it all to you, my beautiful readers!

Thank you for all of your support, thoughts, comments, and insights….

Here’s to another year here at La Chéri Marie 🙂



…and I couldnt resist sharing a photo I took of Chanel in NYC Soho this week…. 😉


Goodbye Annette

Hollywood and the world today lost Annette Funicello, beloved actress and Disney icon. She was 70 years old.

Growing up, I would watch the old Disney films starring the beautiful Annette and the old show the “Mickey Mouse Club”, which later went on to feature young aspiring dreamers who became many of the pop stars we have today. She also had a beautiful singing voice! I just loved watching the old beach movies with Annette and I loved her personality. She was one of the many things that shaped my childhood and aspirations of becoming an actress myself….

Today we lost someone who was a true “class act”. Not only was she beautiful and talented, but she represented everything that was kind and wholesome, and in the process captured Americans’ hearts.

annette-funicelloafdressupANNETTE-FUNICELLO-03*See the “Z” symbol on her board? Con Surfboards kindly donated an amazing long board as a gift for my final project to graduate university and that is their iconic logo. They are incredible people. They are California surf culture personified, which Annette helped in her beach movies 🙂

annette864f3bbdd8247a0b2e0f6a706700def4annettetumblr_m2xzifYZT71qzgql3o1_500*Still taken from the Disney film “The Monkey’s Uncle”. She is seen here singing with the iconic band known as “The Beach Boys”.



Thank you Annette Funicello. May you rest in peace.



The Lady Quote

Margaret Thatcher may have passed away today at the age of 87, but she left us with her legacy and one of the best quotes that still applies today:


Smile, be gracious, have good manners, be charitable, dress and conduct yourself like a lady…’s a wonderful thing! 🙂


RIP Margaret Thatcher