Fashion Friday 5/10/13

by Chéri Marie

Don’t you just love Fridays?? 🙂

Well it’s been Gatsby fever in the fashion world lately….The Great Gatsby, that is! I haven’t seen the new 2013 version yet (definitely soon!) but it’s plain to see that everyone is getting “Gatsby Fever” 😉

Break out those pearls and lace (and for men, those dapper suit jackets!)…Enjoy!

the-great-gatsby-style-referencegatsby1the-great-gatsby-maciej-bernas-fashion-magazine-04great-gatsby-fashion-looks-for-less-L-UvbFpcgatsby3gatsby4gatsby2gatsby5Gatsby_05_Bienenstockgatsby-lookbk-slideshow3The-Great-Gatsby_Poster-image-group_Image-credit-Warner-Bros-PicturesI’m loving it!!