by Chéri Marie

Hello my beautiful readers!

I’ve had quite a week….how has yours been?? I started out my week with the funeral of a dear family member and I had the absolute honor of preparing the music and singing for his funeral. It was a gift from my heart to do this.  ❤

With this, came the realization that life is so short. So short. I have such an incredible family and I have been so incredibly blessed in my life. Life is just too short to sweat about the small, petty stuff. Love more. Experience more. Forgive more. And always give and be charitable to others. Try to be the best you can be because your time here is not that long. I’m proud that I have some amazing examples of this in my family. I want to pass that along to all of you. So, make a point to do something nice for someone else each day. Smile. Life is a beautiful, precious gift.

Thank you for being here with me

lifeisshort2lifeisshort3Even though we’ve lost someone dear to our family, there is always light and life continues to be beautiful if we resolve to see it that way. I ended up having a wonderful week with being on a major movie set and with God blessing me tremendously…make each day count! It’s all about being positive and seeing the good in everything…