Beauty Tip: Spoons

by Chéri Marie

For those mornings when you wake up and you find that you have puffy eyes, you are not alone. Trust me. A model tip that has saved me on many shoots after long travels is the……………… spoon trick!

If you’re not getting enough sleep (the best beauty trick ever!) then you are most likely going to suffer from eye puffiness.

All you have to do is put 2 metal spoons in the freezer or refrigerator to make them very cold. Before putting on your makeup, place a cold spoon over each eye and lie down for about 10 minutes. Instant refreshment and eye bags gone!!

Excellent photo demonstration over at MomColoredGlasses:




Another option is using cucumbers on the eyes. If you happen to have them in your house for those puffy eye mornings, then this is a great option. For best results, make sure the cucumber has been in the refrigerator so it’s nice and cold. Then cut 2 slices and follow the same instructions. They also make the skin around your eyes more soft and supple.

stk72500corOther options are placing green tea bags on your eyes instead.

Still another option that my mom has always loved is to place pads soaked with witch hazel on your eyes for about 5 minutes and voila!

Witch-Hazels-Magical-PowersBut if you don’t have any of these items and you find yourself with puffy eyes, don’t forget that spoons can do the trick 😉

Here’s to a great week without puffy eyes (and lots of sleep 😉  )