The Handwriting of Words

by Chéri Marie

Hello dear readers!

In this age of computers, typing, and iPads, many have forgotten how to use pens, let alone write legibly! It’s understandable (hey, I’m blogging here!) but that doesn’t mean that handwriting is passe. Au contraire!

There is something to be said for the value of a handwritten note, letter, or invitation. There are few things more romantic than a love letter written by hand. An invitation penned with love is all the more inviting for a wedding or event. A note written for someone is far more personal than a text message.

I write notes all the time 🙂

lacherimarie3In the midst of my busy schedule and traveling, I try to find the time to pen notes. I also do wedding and event invitations on the side for my friends. It gives me great joy to be a part of a special day by handwriting invitations…

lacherimarie1I’ve had the pleasure of doing invitations for many events from the very small to some very high profile, celebrity ones and it has always made me so happy…

lacherimarie2I admit, I am a hopeless romantic at heart 🙂 Who doesn’t love romantic, hand-written invitations to anything? 

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASo, take out those pens and pencils and write a note to someone you love today. It’s a fashionable thing 😉