Brow Talk

by Chéri Marie

Greetings lovely readers!

I had the pleasure of being in the company of the famous Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the go-to woman for eyebrows for everyone! Her philosophy is simple–that your eyebrows shape and frame your face. And yes, she is right. I got to watch her in action, up close with this lovely young lady….

anastasiapasadena1And this is the result (thank you sweetie for letting me take your photo!) 🙂

anastasiapasadena2You see? Having your eyebrows correctly shaped, clean, and natural looking literally transforms your face. I prefer eyebrows to be on the thicker side and clean. When you have them done right, like Oprah says, “it’s like a facelift that takes 10 years off your face!”. For her show where Anastasia was a guest, Oprah had these results for one of her viewers:


Not only is she a gracious lady, but Anastasia knows her stuff!


Here is the general rule of thumb in addition to the above tutorial for using her eyebrow kit…

anastasia1So let those eyebrows grow out, stop over-plucking, and then have them shaped the right way and continue with what shape is right for you. It will make all the difference and you generally wear less makeup!


….and I just couldn’t resist showing you my brows right now 😉 Just keep your makeup simple like mine and keep your eyebrows full and natural…

anastasia6I love anything that Anastasia has but I also use Too Faced Brow-nie Eyebrow pencil in Blondie. I use it regularly to brush my brows. I highly recommend it too!

So my lovely readers, grow those brows out!

Have a beautiful weekend!