Tweed-The Timeless Classic!

by Chéri Marie

Greetings lovely readers!

Don’t you just love this time of year?! It’s a beautiful season leading up to winter and the holidays but the weather is crisp and the leaves are changing just like our lives…and also our wardrobes!

Tweed is absolute proof that “fashion fades but style remains the same“–Coco Chanel was right!

And it is once again back on the runways and on the bodies of celebrities! So break out that tweed jacket and/or skirt and you are sure to be both fashionable and stylish this season!

Kate Upton was right on trend this week…


Miranda Kerr definitely gets it right!


Of course, on the Paris Fashion Week runway for Chanel this week, tweed was the order of the day!


I LOVE this! Classic Chanel 🙂



tweed-COCO-classic-tweed-suitJenna Dewan rocks a tweed skirt!



And for the gentlemen, tweed is very much back in vogue! It is so attractive when men are dressed so sharply in the classics….

A man cannot go wrong when dressed classicly. Think Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and the like. What would Cary Grant wear? That’s a great gauge to go by:) 

tweed8tweed7tweed9SO the conclusion is this: Tweed isn’t just for your grandparents. The classics are back. Style is back.


Stay beautiful!



On a side note…yours truly has been quite busy modeling and acting but updates on my blog/beauty store will be coming soon. I know I keep saying this, but I promise that eventually it will indeed happen:)