Merry Christmas

by Chéri Marie

Greetings dear readers! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
Since this is my most favorite season, I sincerely wish you all a joyous time from now through the new year….

This is also the season for fabulous fashion and stylish ideas! For those of you scrambling for a last minute outfit for a holiday party or Christmas feast, I have some excellent yet easy to put together ensembles 🙂

You can never beat a classic black or red dress for this season…put on some red lipstick, a pretty necklace, and stylish heels or boots and…voilà!

A beautiful sweater like this one from Banana Republic does the trick too!

A classic black dress like this one from Banana Republic is always fabulous!


And if you need to get any last minute gifts, remember that a nice bottle of wine or a beautiful flower arrangement is always a great idea! Just take a festive ribbon and tie a bow around a nice bottle of wine! And you know how I love making flower arrangements! You can buy a nice arrangement at your local florist or you can buy several different types of flowers and arrange them in a festive vase or a jelly jar and tie with a beautiful ribbon. Add some poinsettia flowers with some roses to stay with the season 😉

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season wherever you may be….
Thank you for reading my blog and I wish you stylish, warm and happy memories this season!