Wonderful Update…

Hello my lovely readers! Yes, it’s been a very long time indeed! But look out world, because I am back! Well, almost;) My journey recovering has been a long, difficult, painful road and although I am still not 100% yet, at least I can walk and talk now! I almost lost my life. With both physical and speech therapy since early 2014, and the prayers of so many, I am blessed to be here. I have been given a second chance at life and because of that, I plan on making every single day count and doing great things! I have quite a bit coming up and some awesome plans up my sleeve…so stay tuned….

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I will be posting again soon and I cannot wait to share my adventures!

Life is so precious. You never know when one day, one moment, will totally change your life. My accident has totally transformed me. 

Remember this: it is all about your attitude. Your attitude is everything and being positive in the toughest situations can get you through it. I promise.


So much more to come!

Xoxo Chéri

 P.S. To everyone who has been inquiring about my beautiful parasols, please contact me at this address until my store finally opens:


Thank you! 🙂