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2014 Update

Chéri suffered from a tragic fall while on a shoot in LA in February. She is very blessed that she is not paralyzed however it has been a long, difficult road for recovery that seems harder every day….many of you have asked where she’s been and its been difficult to respond to the overwhelming amount of love and support received both in her personal and professional working life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

And even while recovering and struggling every day, she says she is reminded just how precious and beautiful life is.




Boutique Update!

Hello my lovely readers and website visitors! Just a quick note to say that I am working very hard on bringing my online store to life! I am planning on launching soon but in the meantime, please follow me on twitter @CheriBallinger to keep up-to-date on my latest adventures! I want to launch my company properly, so I will have to do it when the time is right (and I have the time!) but thank you for all of your support and interest! You are all my inspiration! 

CheriMarieLogoStay tuned and when the time is right, I will announce my launch 🙂



Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and especially to my own mother–the most unselfish, loving, greatest example of a mom that I could ever be blessed with. I know that I have a lot of moms who read my blog and so this post is for you! Although I haven’t been blessed to hold that title in my life yet, I do know that it’s not a 9-5 job, but rather a 24/7 lifetime of self-sacrifice and love that makes the world go round. Why? Because every single child is a blessing. Thank you to all the moms out there who bring life to the world and thank you for reading my blog.


And even if you don’t have a mother, there are “mothers’ all around us-Those special women in the world who bring love, care, and sweetness to those around them. We are never alone. They are the ones we should aspire to be like and whose qualities we need to emulate.


Sancta Maria Mater Dei, ora pro nobis.



Hello my beautiful readers!

I’ve had quite a week….how has yours been?? I started out my week with the funeral of a dear family member and I had the absolute honor of preparing the music and singing for his funeral. It was a gift from my heart to do this.  ❤

With this, came the realization that life is so short. So short. I have such an incredible family and I have been so incredibly blessed in my life. Life is just too short to sweat about the small, petty stuff. Love more. Experience more. Forgive more. And always give and be charitable to others. Try to be the best you can be because your time here is not that long. I’m proud that I have some amazing examples of this in my family. I want to pass that along to all of you. So, make a point to do something nice for someone else each day. Smile. Life is a beautiful, precious gift.

Thank you for being here with me




Yay For 2013!


Leave 2012 behind, and let’s look forward to the BEST YEAR EVER!!!!

13 is my lucky number 😉

Here’s to a stylish new year filled with blessings of

prosperity, love, happiness, and peace!

New Year’s Tip #1 : Smile and make an effort to be kind to everyone.

A true smile and kindness makes your outfit look so much better…

Stay tuned for many exciting posts on my blog this coming year…    😉



December 13th…

Hey everyone!

For many people, today is the ominous #13 (hey, it’s a special number, not a bad one!:), the special festivities for the feast of Saint Lucia, just another Thursday, or 12 more days until Christmas……..but for me, today is also my BIRTHDAY ! Yay!!


Life is a beautiful gift. I have so much to be thankful for, but on this day, I thank God just to be here. I’m so blessed to have everyone in my life from my past, the present, and hopefully in many future birthdays to come. Today is the day to remember that life is a blessing. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and thank you all for being in my life.




And as for me, I plan on smiling a lot today! 😉

Stuck and Sandy…

Hello! How is everyone?!

Like many of you, I’m one of the millions of people experiencing Hurricane Sandy right now! I’m also one of the thousands of people stranded because of all flight cancellations:-/ At this point, I’m not sure when I will be able to fly home…
Thankfully I’m in the beautiful city of Philadelphia where I’ve been for several days for work. This is my first hurricane. Yikes! Philly knows what to do though and everyone here has been nothing but amazing:)

This is apparently the “storm of the century” but at least we are all in it together!
My prayers go out to all those affected by this storm and I pray that all of you stay safe during this time, especially those who are experiencing extreme damage. We all need to help each other! There’s crazy wind and rain right now so I won’t be venturing outside my hotel any longer. However, I still curled my hair today, put on some cute boots, and I’m going to have some hot chocolate 😉

Stay safe!
Great Pic:)
Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy: 

Update 10/30: I’m still stuck but my heart and prayers go out to everyone suffering from this horrific and historic hurricane. My sympathy to all of you suffering from loss at this time. We all need to help each other right now in any way we can. Stay safe and warm. God bless

A Day For Giving

Now, I know this is my fashion/beauty blog; however, to me, this all ties into charity and doing good things in life-true beauty 🙂 Today is a special day because it is the feast day of the patron saint of charities and volunteers:

St. Vincent de Paul.

I can’t think of a better post today to put in my “Giving Back” category because this really sums it up!

It was on this day, September 27th, that he died 352 years ago!!!  In the year 1883, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in honor of him to serve the poor living in the slums of Paris, France.  Today, it is a huge international organization dedicated to helping those in need all around the world. I guarantee you that there is a chapter wherever you live!

I proudly support this organization and today is a special day to remind ourselves to help others in need.

USA Chapter:

So your homework today my friends is this: Go out of your way today to do something kind for someone else in need. It’s that simple. Even the smallest thing you do still counts. Just make a point to do something extra good today 🙂

Love and Peace~


Style Report: Golf

The game of golf has been a major part of my life. It’s actually through golf that I am where I am today (great story best told over a bottle of vino;)…in any event, I love golf!

After some time away, I found myself on the driving range a few days ago and was reminded of  how much I love this sport! I was trying to think of a way to incorporate my love affair with the game into my blog and voila! Golf fashion!

Grace and Game by Jessica Matthews

L.A. designer De De Johnson (the woman credited with creating the pedal pusher) playing golf in 1952.

It even makes it on the runways!

Love this look!

Editorial from 2008?!  Time flies!

Remember that golf is a sport steeped in tradition and etiquette. Keep your golf fashion fresh and beautiful but remember that it should stay respectful of the game and where you play. Most golf courses and clubs have a certain dress code for both men and women so be sure to be aware of these before you go. If you stick with the basics of golf etiquette though, you can’t go wrong!

Here are some great examples:

Of course, some of my best golf games have been while playing barefoot with friends at sunset haha…Just be respectful, follow these tips (tradition and etiquette are beautiful things!), and enjoy the beauty of the golf course while playing this historic sport.


Update: For those of you on the West Coast of the US: Tomorrow, September 18th, is the 13th Annual LA Kings Golf Tournament benefiting the LA Children’s Hospital. It will be held at the Pacific Palms Conference Resort in the City of Industry. For more information visit:

Texas Music Water

When I go to Texas soon for a modeling shoot, I know what water I’ll be drinking….Texas Music Water! I’d like to highlight this charity because I LOVE music and actually know the people behind this organization…its legit and they are truly dedicated to supporting “the continuation of inspiring music and the musicians that create it”.

Based in Austin, Texas (MAJOR music hub), they really have a heart for children and supporting their musical dreams. I love that they give instruments to children, support music programs and support struggling artists. They do so much and you can read more on their website:

I’m hoping that soon they can expand their organization to reach musicians everywhere…but let’s help out in any way we can. We need to drink water anyways so why not drink amazing tasting water and help out kids? 🙂

My severe lack of musical instrument talent could send anyone running haha, but there are those out there who are blessed with musical gifts…let’s give them a chance.

Find them on Facebook or visit their website