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Design Inspiration–Plants!

Greetings everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you a very simple yet lovely and productive design tip! Decorate with plants! Having some greenery around not only boosts your mood, but it makes everything fresh and beautiful!


You can easily go to your local store and find a variety of potted plants…


decorplants1decorplants2In addition to being a lovely decorating idea, houseplants are actually healthy too.  Through the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. They can also clean the air of harmful pollutants and gases. Even NASA did a study on this! You can find an excellent paper of the horticulture study here:

decorplants4Everyone knows my love for flowers, so in addition to a nice potted plant, go ahead and add some flowers too 😉

decorplants6There are so many beautiful varieties to choose from, but even in the dead of wintertime, you can still have a few houseplants inside!

Start small, go and get one or a few potted plants and put them in your home. You will soon find that having a natural decor like this is a beautiful idea indeed!

Happy Decorating!



A Friendly Welcome!

Hello everyone!

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Just a note of shameless self-promotion 😉 …..

Be sure to check out my links above and remember that my contact email is on the ABOUT section of this blog! I have many exciting things coming up…


Boutique Update!

Hello my lovely readers and website visitors! Just a quick note to say that I am working very hard on bringing my online store to life! I am planning on launching soon but in the meantime, please follow me on twitter @CheriBallinger to keep up-to-date on my latest adventures! I want to launch my company properly, so I will have to do it when the time is right (and I have the time!) but thank you for all of your support and interest! You are all my inspiration! 

CheriMarieLogoStay tuned and when the time is right, I will announce my launch 🙂


Sofia Vergara and Film Fashion

Hello my lovely readers!

Actress Sofia Vergara was sporting such beautiful, classic looks on the set of her latest film “Chef” filming in Miami yesterday…

sofiavergara1She looks so stunning in this dress and her addition of simple bracelets for jewelery and some tan/gold stilettos complete the look!

With her co-stars on the set:


Another beautiful, ladylike look:

sofiavergara4These looks can give us all a little bit of inspiration! I love adding just a few gold or silver bangles to bring some extra femininity to an outfit and the correct length and cut of your dress is so important! Everyone has a different body shape but the secret is to leave a little to the imagination 😉 so be sexy without being trashy. Stay classy with the length and cut! Sofia just looks so gorgeous in these 2 outfits!


Stay beautiful


Nail Talk

Hello my lovely readers!

Well, things have been quite busy for me with all my travels and work, but I managed to make some delightful friends, some of whom are the team over at Bio Seaweed Gel Nails. The girls were so gracious and they did my nails in #242 Pink Sky ! I absolutely love them! It is actually the only gel nail experience that I can ever write about because not only do they look and feel so beautiful, but the benefits are awesome:
LED and UV light cured

No sanding, primers or bonders

ZERO dehydrated, stained or weakened nails

Safe industry record soak off removal in 5 minutes

Formaldehyde, toluene, DPB, BHA and solvent FREE


Ideal for nail art 😉

Here are the talented ladies behind the brand 🙂

bioseaweedgel2And I love my nails! They did some cute flower nail art on my “statement finger” as its called. This is latest trend and oh so fun! They used their specialized UNITY All-in-One Gel Polish.


Since nail art is the latest thing, this polish looks beautiful and is perfect for it!



Check them out at:

Stay classy


Kim Sears Fashion

Hello lovely readers!
In case you didn’t know, Andy Murray is the new Wimbledon champion! Yay! However, it’s his girlfriend, Kim Sears, who has also been getting a lot of attention. And for good reason. I think it’s so wonderful to see her rocking such stylish, ladylike looks! She looks fabulous and is a great role model for fashion!

Cheering him on at Wimbledon in a beautiful Victoria Beckham dress


Burberry Spring Summer 2013 Womenswear Show - Arrivals




kimsears7Congrats to Andy Murray and to his girlfriend for incredible style 🙂


Brow Talk

Greetings lovely readers!

I had the pleasure of being in the company of the famous Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the go-to woman for eyebrows for everyone! Her philosophy is simple–that your eyebrows shape and frame your face. And yes, she is right. I got to watch her in action, up close with this lovely young lady….

anastasiapasadena1And this is the result (thank you sweetie for letting me take your photo!) 🙂

anastasiapasadena2You see? Having your eyebrows correctly shaped, clean, and natural looking literally transforms your face. I prefer eyebrows to be on the thicker side and clean. When you have them done right, like Oprah says, “it’s like a facelift that takes 10 years off your face!”. For her show where Anastasia was a guest, Oprah had these results for one of her viewers:


Not only is she a gracious lady, but Anastasia knows her stuff!


Here is the general rule of thumb in addition to the above tutorial for using her eyebrow kit…

anastasia1So let those eyebrows grow out, stop over-plucking, and then have them shaped the right way and continue with what shape is right for you. It will make all the difference and you generally wear less makeup!


….and I just couldn’t resist showing you my brows right now 😉 Just keep your makeup simple like mine and keep your eyebrows full and natural…

anastasia6I love anything that Anastasia has but I also use Too Faced Brow-nie Eyebrow pencil in Blondie. I use it regularly to brush my brows. I highly recommend it too!

So my lovely readers, grow those brows out!

Have a beautiful weekend!




Fashion Friday 7/5/13

Hello my beautiful readers! I hope everyone had a beautiful Independence Day yesterday!! Yesterday was a special day for America….hope you were all dressed in beautiful reds, whites, and blues! 🙂

Today is once again a Fashion Friday and I’d love to share with you the beautiful German actress/model Diane Kruger who was recently named the new face of Chanel

Here she is shooting her latest commercial for Chanel


Diane-Kruger-for-Chanel-Beauty-2013-by-Peter-LindberghAnd she also will grace the August US edition of Marie Claire magazine with a stunning editorial…I love this feminine red dress!!



Fashion Friday 6/14/13

Happy Fashion Friday!!

The beautiful Jessica Alba has been on her latest film set, Dear Eleanor, in Colorado. I can’t wait to see it, but what is capturing attention is the wardrobe!

Channeling the 1960s, she definitely hits the mark and looks fab!

So put on a lovely hat and summer dress and enjoy this beautiful June weekend 🙂




Design Inspiration

Greetings everyone! Today I want to share an interior design tip that has been making waves lately! The wall sconce 🙂



This lighting fixture is making a big comeback lately…its a space saver if you don’t want a standing lamp as a piece of furniture. It’s also very convenient to get the retractable wall sconces so you can have some late night bedside reading 😉